Boys & Girls Clubs of King County

As we serve more than 2,000 families, the demands on the Club staff and resources are many. In an effort to serve you better we are moving to a new KidTrax online registration system

In order to start fresh, with a “clean” database, we’re going to require all users to begin as a new member (link to where they do this) which will take about 15 minutes the first time through. 

In total, this should take 15 minutes at most.  If you encounter difficulty in registering, we ask you to send an e-mail  We will address your concern as quickly as possible, but we are simply better equipped to handle questions via e-mail than with phone calls. 

  • Beginning September 1, 2009, all Club memberships will run from September 1 through August 31.  During this transition year, we will prorate some memberships based on your expiration dates in our old registration system, CMI.  You should be able to register for programs, but we may be in contact via e-mail if your registration from CMI expires during the duration of that particular program. 


Again, we appreciate your patience and ask you to send any questions via e-mail to:

Among other things, we’re seeking to:

  • improve your registration experience,
  • meet our national organization’s reporting requirements,
  • improve and streamline internal Club administrative processes,
  • become consistent throughout the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County organization,
  • implement a “member card entry system” as we move into our new facility next summer. 


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